Contacts  Mikhail Guz Massage Salon in Kiev

Call us on the number as convenient ,

(the telephone requests are accepted by 21:00,
Via the web-site – 24 hours a day)


Working hours:

Monday-Sunday 08:00 – 22:00
7 days a week

Address of the massage salons in Kiev:

Massage in 158 Antonovycha str.

Salon No. 1 – building Б(B) 158 Antonovycha str., (metro:Lybidska or Palats Ukraina (Palace Ukraine)
Rightwards from Laura Home, enter the arch and turn right, there is a separate entrance.

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массажный салон на ул. Антоновича

Massage in 11A Nauky ave.

Salon No.2 – 11A Nauky ave., (metro:Demiyivska).
Enter through Apelsyn Cafe and move downstairs.

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массажный салон на пр. Науки

Massage in 8Б (B) Pushkinska str.,

Salon No.3 – 8Б (B) Pushkinska str., (metro:Teatralna or Zoloti Vorota (The Golden Gates).
Enter through the arch near the American Travel Group (tour operator), pass 2 archs and you will see the sign.

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массажный салон на ул. Пушкинской

Massage in 12 Sribnokilska str.,

Salon No.4 – 12 Sribnokilska str. (metro: Pozniaky or Osokorky).
In front of the church, in the court the separate entrance is located, the sign may be seen from the street.

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массажный салон на ул. Срибнокильская

Massage in 1A Boichuka str.

Salon No.5 – 1A Boichuka str. (metro: Druzhby Narodiv).
Entrance from the court, 3-storey yellow building (on the side of the blue fence). Two black iron doors (enter the left one), there is an entry phone.

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масажный салон на ул. Бойчука

Massage in 2B Nikolsko-Slobodskaya Str.

Salon №6 – 2B Nikolsko-Slobodskaya Str. (metro: «Livoberezhna» или «Darnitsa»).

Enter inside the courtyard, near to Citrus Hostel and see the signboard of the salon massage.

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масажний салон на левобережной
You can make the online massage appointment in Kiev. Our manager will call you back within a minute. We guarantee an unforgettable pleasure and relaxation of the whole body. We appreciate each client!