Massage Kiev

Hello! My name is Mikhail Guz, I am glad to offer you the professional massage services in Kiev. Our team consists of hardworking and skillful massage therapists.Together we have been providing the massage services for 10 years.The massage exerts an important beneficial influence on the organism thus helping the client to relax, relieve the body tension and reach maximum relaxation. Only at our salon, if you order the massage in Kiev, you will feel the desired effect from this service in its complexity.

You will see what a compete nirvana feels like and we will be the ones to help you in that! We provide the whole complex of massage in Kiev, starting from the therapeutic back massage which will improve your blood circulation and metabolism, and ending with the anti-cellulite massage which will help the women to get rid of the problematic body areas.Today everyone wants to be beautiful and healthy. In particular, in Kiev, the massage for women has become an integral part of the body care.Many enjoy using the different SPA-services and massage which provide for the complex relaxation of the body. You may order the massage at our salon quickly and easily, our manager will call you back in a few minutes.You may also order a home massage.The cost of massage services in Kiev at Mikhail Guz Studio is cheap and affordable to everyone. We always do our best to meet the needs of our clients:music, tea, aroma candles. We are located in a convenient place, in Kiev downtown, on the right and left banks.Today we have 4 massage salons in Kiev and we are going to grow. We are located within easy reach by private or public transport. We work seven days a week: 08:00-22:00.At our salon you will get the utter relaxation for your body and soul. Our goal is to provide you with the maximum health and positive emotions for the whole day. Having visited us once, you will definitely want to come back, and the massage lovers are always welcome!

Mikhail Guz is a director of the massage studio.

Types of massage

Знижка на масаж -20%


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Робота студій у воєнний час


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Antistress massage

700 uah.

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Ukrainian massage

800 uah.

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Anti-cellulite massage

650 uah.

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Massage for two (Massage for Couples)

700 uah.

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Massage for sedentary and standing work

400 uah.

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Phyto-barrel massage

1200 uah.

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All types of massage

Why is massage so useful

Today massage in Kiev is not just a correction of your body shape or curing the back pain, this is an ideal solution to relieve the stress after a tough working day or physical exercises. It has a positive impact on your health and activity of all physiological systems of your body. In Kiev Mikhail Guz Massage is a complex approach to the health and needs of your organism. We develop our own methodologies to meet the client's needs, as the existing types of massage are not equally favourable to everyone. If you want to get the professional massage, we are proud to announce that Massage in Kiev is all about us!

It improves the emotional

Stimulates the metabolism
in your organism

It has a positive impact
on your vessels

It strengthens and
makes your organism more resistible

Helps in case of
the back pain

Improves the blood circulation
in your organism

The massage salons

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