Борьба с целлюлитом

двойной удар по целлюлиту

Hammer twenty!

  • Get rid of cellulite for 20 days
  • Working with problem areas
  • A special set of procedures
  • Decrease in centimeters for a long time
  • Without the use of devices

7345 uah.

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Get rid of cellulite for 20 days

This is a specially developed set of procedures for body correction, which helps to effectively get rid of problem areas of the body.

What includes massage course

  • 5 Modeling Massages
  • 3 Honey Massages
  • 3 Extramodel Massages
  • 4 Styx wraps (performed after modeling and extra-modeling alternating massages)

The cost of the course is 6950 UAH!, If you order services separately – 7950 UAH.

Sign up for a course “Get rid of cellulite for 20 days” and get a decent result!

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